Ukebox Band Line Up

Ukebox formed at Liverpool Hope University in 2012. Starting out small with £10 ukuleles, they cut their teeth performing at open mic nights and small bars around town building up a reputation for their unique song covers, tight vocal harmonies and driving bass lines. Their ability to seamlessly tie songs together into one of their many Ukebox medleys suprised and delighted the crowds.

The venues and opportunities continue to grow with the addition of corporate and wedding work across the UK, leading up to 2014 when they were signed to one of the largest international booking agencies, sending them all over the world spreading the ukulele goodness to the masses. To date their travels have taken them to South Pacific Islands, Hawaii, Singapore and more over 6 continents.

The sky is the limit for this eclectic group of musicians, with brand new original music due in 2018 and a host of performances for fans worldwide, exciting times lay ahead for Ukebox.


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